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One of my greatest goals as a businesswoman is to provide an exceptional experience for my clients. One of the elements of an exceptional experience is ease of booking and prompt availability. It's my desire to offer clients an option that allows PTO to be saved or, provides an option for last minute booking.

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Glamorous. Natural. Long Lasting.

Your hair should be turning heads when you leave the salon, and more importantly,

in 6 months to a year when you return to the salon.

Creating hair that's flawless from day 1-365 is a passion here.

Hair doesn't have to be high maintenance.

Be in the salon less and love your hair more.


Glamorous, lived-in, dimensional. Pops of color blend flawlessly into your natural color or base color. These sessions can be used to build lightness utilizing my signature Hair Painting method, or, to bring depth and dimension back into over-lightened hair through Reverse Hair Painting.

Now offering three packages:

The Minimalist- Includes a Mini Paint (painting the surface of either side of the part and surface of crown) or Base Color Refresh and Money Piece Maintenance. Finished with a Treatment, Tone Refinement, and Haircut.

Starts at $300

The Classic- Includes a signature Hair Painting Session, a Reverse Painting Session, or a dimensional look utilizing a Base Color and Foil-work. Finished with a Treatment, Tone Refinement, and Haircut.

Starts at $340

The Lavish- Includes a signature Hair Painting Session with a Base Color to cover grays or a Color Melt to deepen the base color and provide higher contrast. Finished with a Treatment, Tone Refinement, and Haircut.

Starts at $375

Maintenance: 6 Months-1 Year


Pop in for gray coverage, a quick tone refresh and trim or bring up your Money Piece to add brightness around the face. Lightened hair can use tone refinement and shine every few months. Great for a client loving their hair but desiring a little polish. Love the brightness around your face but also love the root-y natural look? Bring up your Money Piece to keep your paint rocking a few more months.

Now offering three packages:

Base Color Refresh- Deposit color to enhance natural color, cover/camouflage grays, or retouch a previous base color. Includes Tone Refinement and Haircut.

Starts at $250

Maintenance: 4-6 Weeks

Money Piece Maintenance- Foil-work placed at the front hairline to maintain brightness around the face while embracing natural depth and dimension through the back. Includes Tone Refinement and Haircut.

Starts at $210

Maintenance: 3-4 Months

Tone Refinement- Polish and refine your tone with a quick gloss between Dimensional Color Sessions. Includes a Haircut.

Starts at $165

Maintenance: 2-3 Months

If you are a New Guest please complete the Digital Consultation Form by clicking NEW GUEST below.

This ensures our first session is booked seamlessly.

Existing Clients can now access my online booking. Book your next session by clicking EXISTING CLIENT.

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Saturday appointments are offered by request and at a premium rate.


The Minimalist- Starts at $450

The Classic- Starts at $510

The Lavish- Starts at $563

Base Color Refresh- Starts at $375

Money Piece Maintenance- Starts at $315

Tone Refinement- Starts at $248


Head to the booking site.

Select Book Now.

Select the service titled, Saturday Premium Booking Request.

Select Join Waitlist.

Complete the short form providing the date range you're looking for. In the Notes section, please list the desired service and any specific Saturdays you're hoping to book.

I will be notified of your waitlist submission and will promptly respond via email to finalize booking.

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